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Buccal Facial Clinic in Melbourne

Melbourne Buccal FacialHave you been looking for Buccal Facial in Melbourne? Who knew the secret to sculpted, lifted cheekbones and glowing skin involved having the inside of your mouth massaged?

Well, the Duchess of Sussex herself does, as it turns out.

Therapists who are trained in the art of the ‘Meghan Markle’ Buccal Facial are hard to come by in this country, but the technique has indeed landed on Australian shores.

The Duchess relied on a series of these buccal facials to help get her ready for her wedding day.

Beauté founder April Brodie has just returned from New York City where she underwent advanced intensive training to next-level the Buccal technique she’s been perfecting for the past four years.

Buccal Facial Overview

A Buccal Facial is a vigorous, deep massage of the face that includes the Therapist popping on some gloves and getting to the inside of your mouth to massage your cheek muscles from both sides.

The massage works to lift and sculpt your face, essentially giving it a workout to improve blood flow to the muscles, that in turn promotes collagen and elastic production, leaving you glowing and lifted.

Our Facial Method

At Beauté, this facial begins with a thorough double cleansing of the skin and a round of gentle cupping – the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of using a suction device to lift the skin and help encourage lymphatic drainage.

Using a very specific series of patterns, the cupping is performed all over the face and neck and kind of feels like getting kisses from a goldfish.

Then the deep facial massage begins using a hydrating massage cream.

The aim is to heat the skin using vigorous movements and your complexion begins to feel pleasantly warm right away. There’s a lot of pressure, but no pain. You’ll find yourself in a deep relaxation.

All this is working up to the big finale – the buccal massage. The therapist will put gloves on and gently put her fingers into your cheeks to work and lift the muscle from both sides at once. Cheeks, lips and jawline all get a working over.

It’s not at all unpleasant, it feels like workout for your face.

The end result is a glowing complexion and lifted facial muscles – the facial addresses sagging skin and diminishes pouches underneath the eyes while creating a youthful appearance you’ll notice right away. I was amazed at the results my skin was glowing and sculptured and cannot wait until my next treatment.

Results are cumulative, so the more of these you get the better the results and the longer they last.

Make your appointment at Beaute today to try the buccal facial – it’s perfect right before a big event. Call our Melbourne, Doncaster clinic on 03 9848 3543 to speak with our friendly specialist.

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