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Serious Skin Care Conditions




Skin Rehab

Admit it. You’ve been bad. You’ve baked in Portsea without sunscreen, played tennis without a hat and worked on your base tan before the holiday in Bali. Your skin isn’t ready for maintenance, its overdue for a major overhaul!

We can help. Skin rehab is a jump-start plan for the current or former sun addict in us all. It’s not much more effort than hauling your beach chair down to the sand. Here’s the deal: Skin Rehab is a 4 week program. Visit us once a week for a Hydradermie facial, Omnilux (including microdermabrasion and/or a glycolic peel, depending on the condition of your skin). To help you stay “on the wagon” we’ll send you home with goodies to pamper your skin, (including antioxidant sunscreen). Call us to book a complimentary consultation to get your skin back on track….

The Big Peel

30 min, $150

Don’t let the “peel” part scare you! Peeling can achieve outstanding results in the treatment of skin conditions and aesthetic skin improvement.

Our therapists will choose the peel that is right for your skin type. With repeated use, this treatment promotes improved clarity of the skin, more even pigmentation and better skin texture. It leave skin feeling tighter and noticeably glowing after one single treatment.

Let our therapists choose from Lactic, Pumpkin, Madelic, or Mango that are auto-neutralized, so you won’t over-peel.

Lift Express

30 min, $95

Mini hydra lift perfect for in between full service sessions. Fabulous for those who are time poor and want a quick lift.  Can be added to a facial for extra perfection.


60 min, $160

Using the latest in diamond technology, this high-performance facial wastes no time in delivering immediate and tangible results, combining Microdermabrasion, the most effective treatment in skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.

This unique technique gently and effectively rejuvenates the complexion by polishing away epidermal flaws, stimulating skin to produce fresh new cells, minimising the most difficult skin condition. Offering dramatic results for skin impurities, sun-damage, reduction in fine lines and pigmentation. A series of treatments is often required to achieve optimum results. Leaving your skin with a healthy, radiant glow that can be seen and felt instantly.

EXPRESS renew added to another facial treatment

15 min, $70

Mini-renew is perfect for in-between full-service sessions and can be added to a facial for even extra protection.

Age Logic Lift Contour

90 min, $225

The next step in the evolution of facial treatments. This work out for your facial muscles creates a lifting effect, by toning the complexion, smoothing wrinkles and lifting facial contours. This treatment is a fantastic alternative to invasive anti-ageing procedures, because it achieves the desired results without bruising and bandages.

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