Eyes Treatments





Lifting, curling shaping and colouring the lashes and brows is a fabulous way to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, the windows to the soul.


Gives depth of colour to the shape of brow.


Have your brows expertly shaped by our Brow Gurus. Using a combination of wax, tweezing and in some cases trimming. The treatment is followed by a light application of makeup, leaving your eyes beautifully framed. The end results in a natural facelift


Throw away your eyelash curler and wake up with perfectly lifted lashes every day! This semi-permanent treatment gives the effect of more open, awake eyes and is the perfect base for mascara – semi-permanent or otherwise. Lasts around 12 weeks.


The busy girls solution to getting ready in the morning. Darkens and adds length to lashes for a polished look without the daily drudgery of mascara.

Enjoy a relaxing hand or foot massage as your tint processes.


Combine the treatments for picture perfect brows


An excellent alternative to traditional brow tints. Using a revolutionary technique creates total brow transformation. Providing structure and contour to sparse and invisible brows. With over 20 colour combinations this is suitable for everyone.