Hair Removal




Our signature hot and strip waxes make our hair removal revolutionary. They grip the hair and not the skin, so there is less of a “pinch” with each pull. Don’t worry before we wax intimate areas as you will receive disposable underwear.

Our Beaute waxperts are devoted to hygiene, quality and speed.

When it comes to waxing, Beaute was one of the first clinics to implement strict no double dip policy, and have been doing so for a long time. This means a new wax stick is used for each wax application, disposed of and never put back in the pot. Our therapists wear disposable  gloves, we line our beds with disposable sheeting for each guest. All guests are provided with disposable g strings for intimate areas.  All metal instruments such as tweezers are sterilised between every appointment.


Full leg and bikini | $72.00
Full leg and Brazilian | $92.00
Lower ½ leg |$46.00
Lower ½ leg and bikini | $60.00
Lower ½ leg and underarm | $60.00
Top ½ leg and bikini line | $62.00


Lip | $22.00
Chin | $28.00
Eyebrow | $29.00
Lip and eyebrow | $40.00
Lip, chin and eyebrow | $50


Brazilian | $66.00
G-string bikini line | from $56.00
Bikini and underarm | $52.00
Bikini line | $40.00


Shorthand for landscaping the male body, Removal of body hair aimed at giving optimum presentation.

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