Are you looking for the best electrolysis treatment in Doncaster? Electrolysis is a progressively permanent hair removal. It is the only medically approved method of getting rid of hair permanently.

Using an ultra-fine, sterile, disposable probe, our skilled Therapists cauterise each hair follicle; taking only a few seconds on each hair. It involves a course of treatments to achieve optimum results.

Does Electrolysis work on any hair and skin type?

The good news is that this treatment works on all skin and hair types and colours (including blonde, red and grey hair). It can be used on almost any area of the body including the nipples, face, body, fingers, and toes.

How long does each Electrolysis treatment take?

Treatment time varies for each individual client and can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as one hour. Many factors are taken into consideration and each treatment is adapted to treat a client individually. These are discussed in your initial consultation. Permanent hair removal is a progressive treatment and is a gradual process with hair growth becoming less.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends upon the cause and size of hair growth. It works by weakening the hair and eventually destroying it. It is important to follow the treatment plan to achieve optimum results.

What is the difference between Electrolysis and Laser?

Electrolysis treats each hair individually with a very fine, disposable, sterile probe to permanently destroy the follicle’s ability to reproduce.

Laser tends to treat large areas of skin but will not remove hair permanently. It is actually classified as permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal. It cannot be used on blonde, grey or red hairs.

We often perform both Electrolysis and Laser as the two treatments can work well in conjunction with each other in some circumstances. Our treatment programs are tailor made to suit each individual.

Is Electrolysis safe?

Electrolysis is the only medically approved method of permanent hair removal. Each probe is disposable and individually wrapped and disposed of after each treatment. We adhere to strict hygiene protocols throughout our clinic. Beaute has a wide network of medical practitioners that regularly refer us clients.

Does Electrolysis hurt?

A slight discomfort, warming sensation or heat can be felt. The sensation varies depending on the area being treated, hair, skin type and individual tolerance. As part of the initial consultation, a test patch will be carried out to familiarise you with the treatment.

How much does a treatment cost?

Electrolysis treatment is costed in units of time:

5 mins – $32

15 mins – $48

20 mins – $58

30 mins – $72

45 mins – $92

55 mins – $102

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